Hydraulic Torque Wrenches and Other Options

First I will start with the basics. A hydraulic torque is designed to exert torque on some sort of fastener. The goal can be to quickly and securely fasten or loosen various nuts. They apply an amount of torque to a lubricated fastener beyond what a human could muster, usually in conjunction with an impact socket. They were first introduced in the 1960’s, but have evolved considerably since that time due to manufacturers constantly updating and advancing their designs. This has lead to the modern hydraulic torque wrench, one which is light due to exotic alloys, having a smaller nose radius to increase the number of spaces it will fit into, possessing multi-position reaction members, and you can even now run multiple tools off of one power pack simultaneously. Today’s modern torque wrenches are optimized for efficiency and flexibility in their uses.Hangzhou WREN hydraulic torque wrench for sale

IBT Series Square Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrench

An electric torque wrench is a gearbox that is connected to an electric motor. This gearbox is designed in such a way that it absorbs the torque, allowing the user to operate the wrench with minimal effort. These are typically used when there is no need for torque strength accuracy being used on the nut or bolt, or when a very stubborn nut needs to be removed. The gearboxes can be of ratios of up to 4000:1. and this is adjusted by controlling the voltage.

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