How A Pneumatic Impact Wrench Works

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Different Varieties

Hangzhou sweeney hydraulic torque wrench impact wrench has several competitors in the form of different drive mechanisms. Hydraulic impact wrenches are used in some industrial applications where pressured hydraulics are available, but electric impact wrenches are more popular among home users. It is even possible to get cordless electric variants, although these are typically down on power compared to their more heavy-duty brethren. The type chosen plarad hydraulic torque wrench will depend on the context and circumstances; a hobbyist who needs a portable powered wrench will likely prefer a cordless electric version, while more serious professional use will likely require the more powerful pneumatic option.

How an Air Gun Works

An air gun differs from other powered wrenches in that it delivers its torque in instantaneous jolts rather than with a steady force. Essentially, the internal motor spins a rotating mass, which then hits the output shaft. This repetitive impact results in the rattling noise and also in the effectiveness of the wrench. The many minor impacts work to reduce the torque felt by the user while greatly increasing the instantaneous torque applied to the nut or bolt. Multiple short, sharp applications of torque can remove even the most stubborn fastener, even one that has rusted severely. Models typically differ in both their torque and their weight, each of which make a big difference to the tool’s usability.


Look to the hydraulic torque wrench power pack and weight of the air gun to determine its suitability. There is no sense in buying a wrench with either much less or vastly greater torque than you require, and a heavy model will cause you some discomfort when used for long periods.A pneumatic impact wrench is a great choice for removing difficult nuts or bolts. There are some alternatives, such as the cordless electric variant, which may work better for some people, but for sheer power and performance, it is hard to beat compressed air.