Basic Guide For a Torque Wrench

A torque wrench. What is it and what do you use it for? Well, I am going to give you a short guideline on what it is used for and how it works.

You use a torque wrench on things that you need to be certain are tight. Lug nuts for example. It is imperative that your lug nuts are tightened down properly. It not be very beneficial to have them coming loose as you are driving down the road at 50+ mph. That would definitely not be a phone call I would want to receive at all!

Make sure you have checked the manufacturer’s specifications before you torque down anything. There is a dial at one end of the wrench. After finding out the specifications, you are going to turn that dial to match what the manufacturer suggested. Make sure that the lug nut (or any other item you may be working on) is free from dirt and debris. If you need to, add a little oil to it. Just a drop or two should do it. Place the wrench end on the lug and turn, you will keep turning until you feel like the wrench has slipped. It may even feel like it broke, but have no fear, that is the wrench itself letting you know that the proper amount of torque has been applied. It is really not too hard, and really more intimidating sounding than needs to be.