Hydraulic Pump Motors – Linear and Rotary

Hangzhou WREN 120v hydraulic pump come in two wide flavors, rotary and linear. Rotary models run cyclical machinery and linear cylinders deliver a mechanical power stroke. Utilizing the energy stored in the work fluid with maximum efficiency is the job of design and process engineers. By examining the different models, we can pinpoint applications for each design style.

Linear Hydraulic Pump Motors

To deliver mechanical force in a linear stroke, Hangzhou WREN portable hydraulic pump is used. The working fluid acts on a piston to provide a controlled power stroke. These are often seen in large mechanical systems, such as construction vehicles, rather than in process equipment like pumps or conveyor systems. The science behind this setup allows a pressurized fluid to act on a large surface area, thereby amplifying the force originally generated by the hydraulic pump. The cylinder barrel is separated into two parts, the piston and the head. Pressurized fluid only runs through the piston, where work is transferred to the head via a rod.

Rotary Hydraulic Pump Motors

These motors are used to generate torque and rotation. This type Hangzhou WREN hydraulic pump often resembles the pumps that are utilized upstream in a drive system, only in reverse. Where the initial pump ran a cyclical process to produce pressure, the pressure in the motor pushes a cyclical process.

Gear motors can run any machine that utilizes gear action to run a process. The high pressure fluid runs over a gear, turning it, then into a drain outlet. A second gear is turned by the first while not having to actually contact the working liquid. This motor type is very simple and effective.

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