Tackling Noise Emission From Hydraulic Systems

Every hydraulic pump injects structure and fluid borne noise within the system and consequently renders air-borne noise out in the environment. Here,enerpac hydraulic torque wrench is important to understand that fluid-related noise is generated due to the vibration of components by pressure pulsations while structure-related noise is the result of exciting vibrations within the interlinked components. The fluid and structure noises together infect the involved air mass thus, polluting the environment.

Following are a few key solutions to three basic sources of hydraulic system’s noise emission:

Structure-borne noise: The trick to tackle structure noise is to eliminate the sound bridges amongst power unit and tank and power unit and valves as the noise is created due to the vibrations of power unit and its prime movers. Rubber mounting blocks and flexible hoses as connections can come handy in this situation. Alternatively, introduction of an additional mass can also help in reducing the vibrations at bridging points.

Air-borne noise :Such noise can be handled by mounting the hydraulic torque wrench inside the tank or constructing the hydraulic reservoir with a thicker plate to reduce the noise radiations.

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