Knowledge About RO System

As a common household water purification device, the RO system(Reverse Osmosis Systems) is mainly installed on the tap water supply system. The water passing through the RO system for home is not only purer, but also contains cations that are beneficial to the body.

The principle of the RO system

The RO system for home relies on the action of external pressure to allow the solvent in the solution to pass through the semipermeable membrane to retain certain solutes. It is an effective means for separation, shrinkage and purification. This technology is currently recognized as a high-tech internationally.

RO System for Home
The composition of the RO system

The RO system for home consists of a pre-filter, an RO membrane and post-filter. The pre-filter is mainly used to remove the sediment in the water. The RO membrane can remove bacteria and heavy metals such as lead in the water. The post-filter mainly releases some cations beneficial to the body and improves the taste of the water.