A Handyman’s Guide-Impact Wrenches

For any home handyman, an impact hydraulic torque wrench is an incredibly useful tool. Impact wrenches are basically wrenches that deliver bursts of high torque. They are indispensable for any light mechanical work such as changing tires, or other home construction tasks. Impact wrenches are also found in every garage or small manufacturer, and anyone walking past a mechanic would have heard the high pitched clicking whir of an impact wrench in use.

The majority of hydraulic torque wrenchs are powered by compressed air. This allows for a smaller wrench unit, as there is no motor required. Air powered wrenches are easy to clean, and they can be maintained simply. However electric versions are increasingly popular due to their lower overheads. Air compressors, while useful, are not in widespread home use, and a good quality model can be expensive. The solution of mains or battery powered wrenches is a good one for those who only use their wrench occasionally, or at least not every day.

hydraulic torque wrenchs are also very useful for anyone who wants a portable solution for emergency auto repairs. These can be stowed away in the tool kit and be indispensable in some situations. Just remember to keep the batteries well charged!

Impact wrenches accommodate a range of common socket sizes, and come in two main designs. Inline wrenches are like a bulky screwdriver, whereas pistol grip versions are in the style of a cordless drill. A pistol grip wrench is a necessity for larger socket sizes, where the extra torque will be difficult to control without the extra leverage.

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