What Are Wrenches?

In fact, not everyone has used a hydraulic torque wrench, or knows what exactly one is or how it works, let alone the many different types and what each is good for. Generally speaking, these are a very useful moving tool that applies torque to fasten or loosen nuts and bolts.

Simple enough, but there are a lot of common types, each designed with different purposes and uses in mind, and operating in different ways. Open-ended wrenches, for instance, are simple, one-piece tools with a handle and a U-shaped opening on one or both ends, designed to grab opposite ends of the nut or bolt. Most often, if both ends have an opening, they are different sizes for purposes of convenience. A type of open-ended wrench is the adjustable wrench, which has adjustable-size jaws. The most commonly recognizable kind of adjustable wrench is the pipe wrench, also known after hydraulic torque wrench inventor as the Stillson wrench.

Among the more modern types; the impact hydraulic torque wrench, also known as the air wrench, impactor, or torque gun, which is a power tool that applies a high torque output but requires little physical exertion by the user. This tool can be categorized under the type known as a socket wrench, whose cylinder is applied over the nut or bolt head.

hydraulic torque wrenchs can be constructed according to different standards of measurement, and both metric (those conforming to the metric system), as well as those built according to the United States customary system, are quite common.

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