The Three Most Important Tools For A Fire Sprinkler Fitter – Hydraulic wrenches

Steel pipe wrenches were the earliest form of wrenches available. Pipe fitter’s world-wide rejoiced when the manufacturers finally crafted them out of aluminum. The new aluminum wrenches are much lighter in weight.

The most often used tool by a sprinkler fitter is a set of pliers. You will always find pliers stuffed into their back pocket. Specifically, we us a model called “tongue and groove”.

The reliability of Channel Lock tools has earned them the trust of an entire region of workers and contractors. They might be more expensive but they are easily worth their price. Higher priced tools are usually higher quality tools. Your workers will appreciate them. A plier that is easily worth its weight in gold is the Channel Lock brand. Carrying two pair is common for most fitters.

These are the toughest machines I have ever used. The motor operates at a single, slow speed. It runs in both forward and reverse mode. It is almost impossible to switch the machine from one direction to the other with one swipe. There is an internal mechanism that prevents this.

Hydraulic wrenches range from the most common household types to specialty types.Check out the website that specializes in wrenches at for details.
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