How a Travel Reduction Gear Affects Machinery Performance

While these larger components can greatly affect the overall performance of heavy machinery, it is often the smaller, unseen components which play a surprisingly large role in overall machinery performance.
Two-Speed Travel Motor Offers Diverse Application Possibilities
A well-designed travel reduction gear features two speed travel motors. This allows the operator to either increase torque or increase speed depending upon what the situation calls for. This allows the operator to dictate how efficient the overall operation is based upon the task they are trying to perform.
Key Built-In Features and Functionality
There are a handful of critical built-in features and functionality in a travel reduction gear which directly affects heavy machinery performance. For example, built-in shock was functionality during the start and stop of a machine provides several safety benefits while also increasing the level of precision the operator can control.
Another key built-in feature of a travel reduction gear is cavitation prevention. Cavitation is the formation of vapor cavities and a liquid which result from forces acting upon the liquid. This is constantly taking place in heavy machinery utilizing hydraulics. Unfortunately, cavitation can cause a variety of machinery failures, thus its prevention is essential to efficient performance over the long term.

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