The Salient Features of the Impact Wrench

The impact wrench is usually seen in construction and industrial sites. The main feature of this tool is that it is large and is versatile and very simple to use. It helps the user on a host of projects and at the same time saves a lot of time in assembling materials. These wrenches have an ergonomic grip that protects the wrists from being injured. The advantages of this item are that it is very simple to handle however they have a 65 decibel noise level.
This is the reason why people wear ear plugs when they are using the impact wrench. You should use this item without these ear plugs as they can even cause potential damage to your ear drums.
For home projects this tool in the specifications of 1/2 to 3/8 inches are ideal. For heavy project constructions the specifications of 3 1/2 inches is the most ideal to use. The home versions are much smaller than the Hydraulic wrenches that are used in construction sites. When you are using this tool for the first time it is prudent to read the instruction manual and follow the instructions carefully. All the reputed brands of impact wrenches come with replacement parts and warranties. When you are buying one ensure that you use the ones that can be repaired simply and the spare parts are readily available.
The protective gear that you use when you are using this item should be of the highest standard and quality to avoid accidents. When you are using this item there are chances that you put pressure on the wrong bolt and this in turn leads to the shrapnel to fly and hit you. You should wear a thick hat and goggles that will help you to prevent any mishaps. They can be bought from reputed manufacturers and at the same time ensure your safety.

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