3 Types of Pipe Fitting Wrenches

A Fitting Wrenches has smooth parallel jaws that are designed specifically for hexagonal valves and fittings. Not only will the monkey wrench fit better on the part to be turned, it also does not have the crushing effect of a pipe wrench.
The design of a pipe wrench is very simple; the harder you pull the wrench the tighter it squeezes the pipe. A pipe wrench was designed for use on pipe and screw fittings only. One a parallel-sided object, its efficiency is not up to that of a monkey wrench and its squeezing action can cause a lot of damage.
There are a few types of pipe tools used in pipe Fitting Wrenches; Stillson, Chain and Strap wrenches. A Stillson wrench has serrated teeth jaws that enable it to grip a pipe or round surface in order to turn it against considerable resistance. It is important to adjust the wrench so that the jaws will take hold of the pipe at around the middle area of the jaws. To support the wrench and prevent unnecessary lost motion when the wrench engages the pipe, hold the jaw while pressing it against the pipe.

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