Flare Nut Wrenches are Designed for Soft Metals

This type of wrench is designed for soft metals like aluminum and brass that can crush or strip easily.
The flare Hydraulic wrenches is similar to a box-end wrench, but with a small opening on one side.
A box-end wrench looks like a short bar with a completely enclosed circle on one or both ends, with the circle(s) available in several different sizes. The box-end wrench slips on one end of your fitting. It is designed to allow maximum contact with the pipe, nut or fitting that needs tightening or loosening.
Flare nut wrenches are similar to a box-end wrench, only with a small opening to allow the wrench to slide perpendicularly over the fitting or pipe. The “jaws” of the wrench are larger and thicker, allowing better contact with your fitting.
What Do You Use a Flare Nut Wrench for?
The most common uses for this type of wrench are plumbing applications (like copper pipe), automotive (since a lot of car parts and fittings are made of aluminum) applications, and hvac or heating and air conditioning applications.
For example, most automotive fuel and brake lines are made of soft metal and it can be quite easy to strip out a fitting or line, leaving you covered in brake fluid or gas!
Hydraulic wrenches are also known by other names including “tube wrench” and “line wrench.” The British equivalent is “crow’s foot spanner.”
Picture working on a pipe. You can’t get a wrench over one end of the pipe because it is a continuous piece, so this type of tool allows a small opening on one side of the wrench to slip it over the pipe.
You might think of a pipe fitting. If you use an open-end wrench to tighten it, the wrench may only make contact with 2, or at most, 3 spots on the fitting. This means that your pipe fitting could be crushed or dented when tightening or loosening, causing a loss of integrity for your application.

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