Gear Wrench Set – What It Is and Where to Use It

A gear wrench is basically a closed end, hand held wrench. Picture a metal wrench, with a closed end on one side and an open end wrench on the other. The difference between this type of wrench and a Hydraulic wrenches is that the gear wrench has a “ratchet” inside the closed end.
The ratchet lets you turn the wrench, then holds the position while you back up the wrench to take another turn. It’s just like a ratcheting socket set, only without the sockets.
Hydraulic wrenches sets come in groups, usually in metric or SAE (inches) sizes. There are generally about 10 or 12 wrenches per set in various sizes. This allows you to have a number of wrenches to choose from, since most engines and projects will require bolts, nuts and screws of differing sizes.
An additional benefit to these type of wrenches is that the ratchet prevents “rounding” of the fastener you’re working on. That means that the edges of the bolt or nut will stay sharp, allowing the wrench to grab well long into the future.

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