The Five Most Important Wrench Tools

If you go to the UK or British land, you will have to use the word spanner when you mean wrench, in American English. Both words refer to the same tool. The manufacturers of these devices make chrome-plated tools to prevent rust. Spanners come in different sizes, shapes, and lengths and have other unique characteristics. The very common or ordinary spanners are:
Box end spanner – This is also called the ring wrench and Hydraulic wrenches is a one-piece tool which has an encircled opening. This opening grips the sides of the nut or of the bolt. It is very useful when you want to fasten or unfasten six sided or hexagonal shaped nuts or bolts.
Hydraulic wrenches – This has many other names including the line wrench, the tube wrench and the flare nut wrench. You can use it to hold nuts on the tubes’ ends. This tool does not encircle a nut totally like a ring-end wrench would do. It has a slightly narrower opening to fit over the tube. It is normally useful where the nuts are prone to damage, if you use an open-end tool with them.
The combination spanner/wrench – This is a dual ended tool but each end has a different design. Once side looks like a ring end spanner’s ends while the other side looks like an open-end spanner’s ends. The amazing thing is that both the open end and the ring end fit the same size bolt head.

Hydraulic wrenches range from the most common household types to specialty types.Check out the website that specializes in wrenches at for details.
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