Where Do You Use These Wrenches?

You can use this type of Hydraulic wrenches anyplace that you would need to use a regular wrench. Gear wrenches are typically used in places where space is tight, for example, motorcycle engines, lawnmower engines, auto and bus engine repair, and so on. One reviewer stated that he used the wrenches to change the convertible top on his Volkswagon and found them to be exactly what he needed.
The only caveat worth mentioning about gear wrench sets is that you don’t want to rely on these to remove rusted bolts or nuts.
Hydraulic wrenches are designed to work in tight spaces, but not to torque or “whale” on fasteners that have been sitting untouched for decades. The good news, though, is that most engines and equipment are worked on regularly and so there will not usually be any occasion to have to yank on anything.
Pipe Wrench
The hook jaw can pivot slightly when in use, digging the surfaces of the jaw into the pipe metal to get a firm grip. This means that it can only turn the pipe when pressure is applied forward relative to the jaw opening. This tool should not be used on nuts because they can damage the metal surface, preventing the use of standard wrenches or sockets. However, a pipe wrench can be an effective way to remove a rounded bolt.
Hydraulic wrenches are sold according to the length of the handle, ranging from five to forty-eight inches. Offset versions turn the head of the wrench 90 degrees and end wrenches 30-45 degrees for use in tight spaces. All automatic adjusting wrenches come with a slightly bent handle, but their more compact shape make them a practical alternative to end wrenches.

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