Why You Need Oil Filter WrenchTo Make Your Oil Change So Much Easier

Spin-on oil Fitting Wrenches are smooth, cylindrical canisters with knurling (flutes) all over the bottom edge. For a product so simple looking it really is surprising how hard they can be to change. You’ll probably think you can unscrew them with your hands, it is sometimes tricky to get a proper grip due to a film of oil on the filter.
The particular kind of Fitting Wrenches you choose is based on the positioning of the filter mount, how much room you’ll have surrounding the filter as well as how tight the filter is connected. If, for example, the area is cramped, you’ll more than likely need a type which hooks up to the bottom of the filter like a socket type or spider type filter wrench. If room is not really an issue, than a band type or a pliers wrench work great since they’ve got long handles for added power.
Oil Filter Wrench Choices
Band – This type of oil filter wrench possesses a firm metal band that’s fastened at each side to a handle. The looped band is positioned around the filter and the handle is turned counter-clockwise, that puts tension on the band, getting it to grip the filter.
This specific oil filter wrench is basically a metal band that has a pivoting adjustment hinge and a handle. One kind of band wrench also has an additional hinge for the handle. This type is popular since the device permits considerably better positioning in restricted areas.

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