DIY Water Pump Replacement – Ten Tips to Make Replacement Easier

In any car it’s not a bad idea to drain the coolant from the radiator or engine block into a drain pan, this helps prevent getting coolant on components that could be damaged (i.e. alternator). I prefer to capture most of the fluid with a fluid extractor by tapping into a heater or by-pass hose. If the fluid is not going to be re-used it should be disposed of in an environmentally safe way.
Ten Tips to Change a Water Pump
If equipped, remove the fan, fan clutch and shroud. Cars with electric fans may or may not need to be removed to gain access.
If the water pump you are changing is driven by a timing belt, consider changing it and the hydraulic tensioner if applicable. The accessory belt or belts should also be inspected for cracks and wear at this time. The labor will be overlapping on many of these components, if you are doing it yourself or paying a technician.
Remove other components as necessary to access the water pump. This could include any brackets or mounts that may be in the way. Take off what is necessary and try to avoid taking off more than what is necessary.
*As the bolts and brackets are removed, they should be placed onto a service cart in order and a quick note written to make re-installation easier. I used to place white paper floor mats on top of my service cart and write with a black marker, to jog my memory. It’s not that I couldn’t figure out where the bolts go, but this way I didn’t have to waste time unnecessarily.
If removing a timing belt, be sure of the timing marks before disassembly. I always went by factory timing marks and my own marks that I made with white out or white touch up paint. A little extra effort making sure of the marks is well worth the time, since the timing belt only has to be off by one tooth for the whole job to be ruined!

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