How Much Should You Pay for an Impact Cordless Wrench?

A 36V impact hydraulic torque wrench would probably provide too much power for a novice user to handle, which could cause stripping of bolts as well as breaking of the thing that you are working on. If a 36V cordless version is what you need, then expect to pay between $250 to $1,100 for it.
For around the home, a 12V impact hydraulic torque wrench may be all you need. Just to be clear, a 12V cordless version is not weak. It just will not do the same industrial type jobs that a 36V wrench will. This wrench is ideal for use around the house, or can be used to remove lug nuts from your car to change a tire.
Choosing the best impact hydraulic torque wrench in your budget will require you to compare some of the different wrenches available. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to purchase a good wrench. Establish a budget and then decide what wrench is best for your budget and your needs.
The difference in price between them has a lot to do with the brands that they are represented by. A no name wrench or a store brand impact cordless wrench is going to be much less expensive than a Milwaukee brand wrench.

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