Removing of Water Pump Pulleys

As we can see, Water Pump has a common application. Thus, it is very necessary to take care of it. Coolant leaks are fairly common in older vehicles and can lead to the failure of it. If coolant levels are too low, water pumps may quickly burn up. And the failure of the pump may cause the failure of the engine.
If the water pump fails, it is necessary to replace it. However, its replacement is not easy at all. One of the most difficult steps in the removal of the pump is simply accessing the bolts securing it in place, which are often hidden by the water pump’s pulley. Moreover, it is also very difficult to remove it.
The first thing you should do is that removing obstacles away from the pump. Depress the belt tensioner associated with the belt to be removed, which maintains constant tension of the belt, to obtain enough slack to slip the belt off.
Secondly, you should remove the engine’s timing belt or chain if necessary, as this is often in the way of the water pump. Record the orientation of all associated sprockets with respect to each other. Then you should remove the water pump belt from the pump. And the belt need not be taken off all of the pulleys unless doing so is necessary to access it.
Thirdly, you should install the pulley removal tool to the water pump pulley. This tool applies pressure to the shaft to push the pulley off the pump. After that, you should tighten the removal tool slowly. As the removal tool’s screw is rotated, it extends toward the shaft of the pump rotor, while its side clips undergo an opposite force pulling the pulley from the rotor. The even pressure applied by the removal tool will force the pulley off the water pump rotor without cracking or bending the pulley.
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