Torque Multiplier Basics

Torque multipliers can come in different sizes as well for precision. Some come with a 1″ drive, others with a ½” drive, and even ¾” drive. These sizes often have their specific use depending on the type of job. The 1″ drive torque multiplier can produce about 1,000 lbs of torque and is highly useful in fastening lug bolts mostly on trucks. If you are manually fastening or loosening these bolts then this is the right one to use.
The ½” drive torque multiplier can produce about 75 lbs worth of torque but this can change depending on the model or series of the multiplier that you will purchase. As for the 3/4″ drive, it can produce about to 300 lbs of torque and is perfect for heavy equipment.
Geartronics, on the other hand, offers top of the line models that come at reasonable prices. For sure you won’t be worrying about not being able to find a one to use especially when there are several well known suppliers out there that you can turn to.
When Torque multipliers comes to loosening or fastening those stubborn bolts and nuts, it would be wise for you to consider using one of these great, labour saving devices. They definitely do the job whether for personal use or for heavy duty work. As with most things nowadays, the simplest method of researching your market is online, so get searching for the above brands and find the torque multiplier that rocks your boat!

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