What Is A Torque Multiplier?

Utilizing a torque multiplier can significantly improve your ability to tighten a variety of different fasteners in a way that’s dramatically more powerful. If you think of a seesaw, you already know that the more leverage you have over whatever it is that is trying to be lifted, the easier it becomes to do. In a very simplistic way, this is sort of what a torque multiplier does — it is essentially a gearbox that will dramatically improve the amount of force that will be applied to screws, nuts, and other fasteners that won’t come loose with the use of standard power tools.
Stop and ask yourself if this is something that sounds like you would have some use for. Odds are, if you do a lot of work in the shop, this is something that you may find it very useful. So, what manufacturer really stands out as being one that you should seriously consider when it comes time to purchase a torque multiplier?
Northern industrial is a company that has been around for many years and that has carved out a reputation for manufacturing and engineering some of the best torque multipliers on the market today.
If you’re looking to purchase one, there are several things you will need to keep in mind. First of all, it is critically important that you define exactly why you are looking for this type of equipment. The reason why it is so important to define this right up front is so that you have a clear understanding of what model will be most suitable for your needs. In addition, it is also very important that you establish a budget in your mind for how much money you would like to spend.

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