How to Repair a Hydraulic Cylinder

Step 1
Dis-assembly: Take off the cylinder from the machine. Open the cover of the cylinder using the bolts or screws and remove the piston out of the cylinder. Now loosen the input valves to reduce the pressure and slide the piston shaft in outward direction to detach it completely.
Step 2
Inspection: This is a crucial stage of hydraulic cylinder rebuild, wherein, you have to perform a visual inspection to find out the main problem. If the cylinder bore is scratched or the piston shafts are bent, the system requires a qualified hydraulic repair shop. In case, if the shafts or bolts are intact, most likely the seals are ruptured leading to excess hydraulic fluid leak.
Step 3
Re-pack the Seals: Using the seal kit and the repacking instructions for your cylinder carefully dislodge the old seals from its positions and fix the news ones in place of the old ones.
In this final stage of repair, lubricate the seals with the oil and gently slide the piston back into the cylinder system. Also, make sure the input valves are loosened for the piston to slide in smoothly. Lastly, before attach the cylinder again to your equipment, ensure you check for any leakage and the condition of the hydraulic hoses.

Hydraulics Basic Understanding and Why We Use it!
Some main components of a hydraulic drive package are the following: Hydraulic Power unit, consisting of a reservoir, suction filter, pump and electric motor, relive valve to control pressure and directional control valve to direct the flow to and from the driving force whether it be a hydraulic motor or a hydraulic cylinder.
There are other peripheral components that make this up but the ones listed above will always be needed to make a complete system. I must point out that the main problem with most end users of any machine powered by hydraulics, is that they never consider the initial poor design and lack of diagnostics to troubleshoot as the equipment malfunctions. This is the main reason I am giving you this information.
This articla focuses on the very basics to help explain why hydraulics is used so much in the industrial marketplace.I will produce more articles to explain how it works in detail.

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