V-Fit Improver Dual Hydraulic Rowing Machine Review

This unit additionally is equipped with a Sit-Flat Frame End which has support caps. It also has Twin Independent Hydraulic Cylinders with a 42 PSI rating along with pivoting oversize PVC and adaptable Velcro foot straps. These features add to the comfort of the unit. The machine is built with foam padded grips covered in PVC. Also, making the machine exceptionally powerful, it has pressed mild steel and composite lower seat guide rollers along with composite bearing mounted upper seat rollers. A diversity of functions and programs are provided giving you the maximum advantage and facilitating better handling options. It offers 6-Function, 3 Button with Calories, Distance, Stroke Counter, Stroke Tempo and Timer, and Function Scan.
Health Benefits of a Rower
This piece of equipment is perfect for weight loss as they work the large muscle groups in the lower and upper physique. They tone the buttocks and thighs and also firm the arm and back muscles. The user can generate a rhythmic style when exercising which helps the body to transform into the “fat burning zone”. The V-fit rower can help you lose weight persistently and successfully.

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