Important Parts of Hydraulic Cylinders and Their Roles

hydraulic cylinders are playing a major role in most of the applications. Most of the car parts and heavy machineries can be easily operated by using the principles of hydraulic. In addition to these, there are many other equipments and machineries like elevators, excavator, injection molding machines, bulldozers and many other automobiles. For any industry, hydraulic cylinders are considered as a workhorse to produce their desired amount of production. They make the function of any production unit very easy and smooth. They are the simplest form of machines that are used to transfer effective power to many different types of machineries and automobiles. They are available in different types that include heavy duty industrial cylinder, tie rod cylinder, hydraulic cylinders with front flange mounting and many others. They are also available in different types of sizes that suit the requirements of different types of industries. Moreover, there are many hydraulic cylinder suppliers who are providing effective custom services for their clients. On request and just by paying additional charges, they allow their clients to customize their products with respect to their needs and requirements.

Important parts of hydraulic cylinders

But it is essential for any production unit to understand the functions, operating systems, structure and parts of the cylinder in order to gain full advantage of the cylinder. A simple type of cylinder is generally made from 5 different parts including tube, piston, rod, gland and end cap.

Tube: In a typical hydraulic cylinder, the tube is one of the main parts of hydraulic cylinders​. All the process happens within the tube, as it acts as the covering agent for the cylinder. It helps the fluid to remain inside the cylinder and disabling it to flow outside.

Piston: the piston is the inside part of the cylinder that pushes against the fluid. This is the most important part of the cylinder. Without a piston, hydraulic cylinder will be considered as just a cylinder. The diameter of the piston is known as Bore. The cylinders with larger Bore can do more lifting with ease. Therefore for a higher lifting capacity, large sized bore piston is used. A defective piston will not be able to lift as much as possible. Even though the cylinder may not be leaking outside, a damaged piston will allow oil to pass the piston. So the pressure will not reach your required level and will not do lifting as expected.

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