How to Keep Bolt Tensioner From Coming Loose


Bolt Tensioner are especially advantageous when dealing with larger lumber and steel, due to its strength, wider flexibility of length, and ability to more or less permanently fasten the joint. Aside from the obvious strength issue, the problem with screws and nails is the feared eventuality of them becoming loose over time, and jeopardizing the integrity of joints. This is especially true of joints subject to vibration and movement.

For the most part bolts don’t face the above problem due to the ability to produce what is called a clamping load, or a preload, which if large enough, Bolt Tensioner will ensure joint integrity. The preload is the force that is created when torque is applied to a bolt to fasten two or more objects together. The bolt is pulled into tension as torque is applied, while the fastened parts experience compression.

This tension, as long as it’s within the elastic limit of the bolt, exerts an equal and opposite force (Hooke’s Law) called the tensile stress which works to keep the bolt from loosening.

Bolts are manufactured in such a way that the bolt shank will fail before the threads strip. In other words, the collective strength of the thread can withstand forces greater than what would be necessary to rupture the actual bolt shank! Of course, in order for this to be true, there must be a minimum amount of bolt thread “engaging” the nut, known as minimum thread engagement.

A Bolt Tensioner can fail in any number of ways. When speaking of a bolt failing, one might assume it’s the yielding of a bolt. But a bolt can also “fail” by becoming loose over time, thus compromising the joint it was supposed to hold together. This is perhaps the most common type of bolt failure – where the mechanical load exceeds the preload of the bolt causing it to loosen.

What is Brinelling?

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