How to Remove Seized Nuts and Bolt Tensioner


When Bolt Tensioner comes to seized nuts, bolts, and screws, most home mechanics quickly become frustrated and start forcing the issue before they’ve really thought about the implications of the problem. That usually makes the problem worse, which naturally leads to a loss of temper, which generally destroys the fastener – be it a nut, screw or whatever – which in turn ruins the job.

The first thing to do before removing any fastener is to make sure you’ve got the CORRECT tool. Sounds simple enough, but many home mechanics get it wrong time and time again. So don’t even think about using, say, a Whitworth spanner on a metric nut, or vice versa. Don’t use ANY spanner on any nut or bolt that wasn’t designed for Bolt Tensioner. Even if the spanner fits and works, Bolt Tensioner might well damage the fastener, thereby giving you problems the next time around.

Given that you’ve now got the right tool, use gentle pressure to see if the fastener is going to give you problems. Typical warning signs of impending problems are graunched nuts, or damaged screw heads or corrosion. Also, nuts and bolts that have been subject to heavy torsional (twisting) forces often cause major problems (such as wheel nuts). Nuts and Bolt Tensioner and screws that have been subjected to repeated heating and cooling (exhaust clamp bolts, for instance) are also likely to give you trouble and are prone to shearing. Remember too that a bolt that suddenly shears might lead to other damage on the bike. Or on yourself.

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