Meditation – A Nuts and Bolt Tensioner Approach

What I found was that most books were written using esoteric ambiguous language that really did not help me much. Contemplating one hand clapping, my navel or compassion just did not work for me. Therefore I began a flashlight and magnifying glass examination of my own head from the inside.

Where I Am Coming From

My analysis of past behavior concerning decision making is that I made a lot of bad decisions. What I mean by that is the consequences for the decision were judged to be on the whole bad. Moreover, when I looked back at the decision, I could almost always remember hearing a “small voice” in the background warning me about the bad consequences that I was now experiencing. At the time, I had chosen to completely ignore the “small voice”. Bolt Tensioner ​is along the lines of Alan Watt’s explanation of ignorance not about not knowing but choosing to ignore. I also found that the decision was not in alignment with what would make me happy.

Bolt Tensioner seemed to be the key to my understanding what was going on inside my head. In this model the central observer, the little person in the chair in our heads, is replaced by several simultaneous processes or observers.

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