Best 18V Cordless Drill Head to Head Review

Choosing the Best 18V Cordless Drill for you personally Means Knowing All Your Options

Looking for the best 18V cordless drill? You’re in the right place! Unlike other voltages, 18V drills have a wide range of sizes and power levels. It’s that kind of versatility that lets Pros carry two or more drills from the same manufacturer for different jobs. We’ll start by pulling right back the curtain on each of our winners and then look at the 3 distinct groups in the 18V cordless drill class.


Best 18V Cordless Drill: Heavy-Duty Class DeWalt DCD997 20V Max XR Brushless Hammer Drill Driver with Tool Connect

With regards to pure power, DeWalt’s DCD997 gave us one of the highest torque measurements we’ve yet tested. In fact , it’s only topped by Hilti. DeWalt then backs it up with lots of speed and great features like Tool Connect. It also weighs significantly less than most other heavy-duty drills and holds its own in every other category we evaluated.

Most readily useful 18V Heavy-Duty Cordless Drill Runner Up Ridgid R8611506 18V Octane Brushless Hammer Drill Driver

Best hammer drill

Ridgid’s Octane hammer drill is the slowest drill in this class but comprises for it with excellent torque. It has a solid feature set and sets the standard for value, rendering it an excellent choice if getting the most bang for your buck is high on your priority list.

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