Laser Tools insulated range for electric cars

If you own a crossbreed or an electric car, you probably believe you can’t carry out DIY maintenance. Yet all you need is the right equipment – and Laser Tools has just released a new range to help.

These insulated tools have been examined to cope with up to 1, 000 volts – so whether you’re focusing on an all-electric Nissan Leaf, or even a hybrid like the Toyota Prius, you will be protected if you come into contact with reside wires.

The electric screwdriver set comprises three flatheads plus three Phillips drivers – size from 3x100mm to 1x80mm. This costs £32. 18 and is available in a protective case.

There’s a socket set along with 14 sockets, ranging from 6mm in order to 19mm. The ratchet handle includes a quick-release function, and there are expansion bars, too. The 3/8-inch established costs £181. 62.

Finally, there’s the 3/8-inch-drive rpm wrench which, like the socket arranged, also has a quick-release function. Functions between 5Nm and 25Nm, need to help tighten fasteners and expenses £215.

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