TOOL TIME: Wiha iTorque Screwdriver

You know that sickening feeling of the fastener or threads yielding through too much torque? There’s almost nothing even worse, especially when you’re reassembling your motorbike and about to taste beautiful independence once again.

Excellent mechanics develop a feel and judgment pertaining to fastener tightness by repetition. I must use torque wrenches.

I’ve got big types for big stuff and little ones for small stuff, yet this Wiha iTorque unit (part #28893; $199. 99, is the initial screwdriver-type I have tried.

The German-made electronic device features an LCD window to show inch-pounds or Newton-meters and also the amount of click cycles. A factory calibration certificate is enclosed; stated precision is +/- 6 percent, which specific tool deviated less than two percent.

The particular torque range of 9 to fifty inch-pounds (0. 75 to four. 2 foot-pounds) is quite light, therefore I’ve used the tool primarily with regard to carburetor and magneto work, as well as lighter case bolts, particularly upon vintage stuff where I know the particular castings are suspect and posts likely worn.

As much as I like using the iTorque electric screwdriver, the real bonus of this set could be the bits. A large variety is included: Phillips, Torx, Tri-Wing, Torq-set, square, Allen, and flat blade. They are all beautifully made and have proved to fit plus grip exceptionally well. There is a quarter-inch socket adapter too. Bits are usually held in the tool with chaffing, not a magnet.

Although the iTorque may be slight overkill for the home mechanic, those of us who else don’t work on bikes full time definitely can use the help.

And accuracy is a satisfaction in the own right.

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