Torque Wrench targets assembly environments.

300 LB-FT Electronic Hand Torque Wrench Presented By RS Technologies

RS Technologies’ new 300 lb-ft accuracy electronic hand wrench

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich., Sept. twenty three – An ergonomically designed, light-weight, high strength 300 lb-ft precision digital hand torque wrench has been presented by RS Technologies. The three hundred lb-ft model fills an advanced size need in the company’s group of hand torque wrenches, joining the present 200, 500 ancd 600 lb-ft units already on the market.

It is targeted at a large variety of set up environments, in particular automotive, light plus large truck and off-highway automobile assembly operations.

Utilized by QC inspectors and technicians trying to verify that the proper torque continues to be applied to a fastener, the new hands torque wrench, with its low-level analog input capability, is compatible with almost all strain gage instruments and datacollectors. They are particularly applicable with RS Technologies’ Model 910 Peak Meter and Model 920 Digital Device.

Like the others within the RS Technologies’ lineup, the three hundred lb-ft unit provides excellent general accuracy and has comfortable foam handgrips for ease of use. It is 28 ins long and weighs only second . 2 lbs.

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