Workshop: Why torque wrenches are invaluable


Torque wrenches were considered once an optional luxury, even in much better bike shops. But advances within frame and componentry technology indicate even the most finely calibrated ‘mechanic’s feel’ can no longer substitute for the real thing. Think about yourself warned, says BikeRadar’s specialized editor, James Huang.

Today’s high-end parts are usually lighter, stiffer, often stronger, and naturally more expensive, and yet simultaneously more sensitive as they’re increasingly engineered to satisfy very specific functional requirements plus little more. 

As riders continually need more efficient uses of material, developers must prescribe more narrowly described requirements when it comes to how those pieces are installed and serviced. While back in the day we used to observe snapped bolts and stripped posts, it’s become increasingly common to find out cracked parts and broken bicycles instead – the fasteners shall no longer be the weak link like they will used to be.

“Products of the past were limited within their design by the manufacturing technology which was available to make them rather than the loads the items would see in use, ” states Garrett Smith, engineer manager intended for SRAM’s California development centre plus former stress analyst for Lockheed Martin Astronautics (in other phrases, a bona fide rocket scientist).

“Engineers could only make tubes therefore thin, or forgings so complicated, because of manufacturing constraints. So you can say that the strength of the part had been driven by manufacturing rather than make use of. But modern manufacturing technology has ceased to be the constraint that limits just how thin a tube can be; the particular limit is now being driven with the loads the product actually experiences during a call. ”

“The design of our frames and elements is always oriented towards light weight, ” says Scott engineer Benoit Grelier. “Thanks to our experience and FEM analysis, we can optimise precisely all of wall thicknesses and we can use various materials depending on the forces involved. Yet this also implies that we have less perimeter for the tightening torques. ”

The proliferation associated with carbon fibre in cycling indicates the proper torque is even more essential. “While torque specifications are important using type of materials, the growing variety of carbon fibre components has resulted in an increasing focus on torque specifications, ” says Pedro’s engineer Jay Seiter. “While carbon fibre allows for a lot more optimal design and provides a significantly higher strength-to-weight ratio compared to metal and aluminium, it’s also a lot more susceptible to crushing and cracking whenever improperly set up. ”

Torque is the most readily available indicator of the tension in the securer, and subsequently the amount of force placed on the parts that are clamped or else held together. Knowledge of what all those forces are supposed to be is exactly what exactly is allowing the industry to push the particular envelope on equipment weights.

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