Best Torque Wrench Honorable Mention: Gorilla Automotive TW705

Best Torque Wrench Honorable Mention: Gorilla Automotive TW705

Best Torque Wrench can be hard to find common hand and power tools that are designed primarily for automotive use. As the Gorilla Automotive TW705 1/2-inch torque wrench can be used in any setting where you need to fasten something right down to a precise level, it comes from an organization focused on automotive tools and accessories. As a result, the torque range is higher than most options you will find at the local hardware store, going completely up to 250 foot-pounds.

Using the torque wrench is fairly straightforward in terms of securing different attachments and fasteners. The handle is a decent length with a comfortable grip, which is small enough to fit in compact areas around the garage when not used. Readings are available in both foot-pounds and newton-meters.

The design of the wrench does leave something to be desired at higher torquing levels. The length of the wrench, while great for storage, makes it more challenging to hit higher levels without more effort than higher-end competitors. The measurements could also use a design change since they are printed on a plastic sleeve that easily comes loose if knocked. 

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If you’re searching for just one torque wrench for the automotive tool set, start with one with a 1/2-inch drive size. This will give you a great torque range that is suitable for most automotive applications.

Make sure you calibrate the torque wrench at least once a year. Some manufacturers offer a basic procedure to get this done yourself, or you can get a professional to accomplish it for you.

Clean threads before you Best Torque Wrench a fastener down. Debris and rust can make it more difficult to get the right quantity of torque.

Never lubricate a fastener unless indicated by the part’s manufacturer. 

In most cases, it’s smart never to use a torque wrench as a breaker bar. This can damage the wrench.

FAQQ. Will a Best Torque Wrench keep me from over-tightening a fastener?

A. Most likely, no . Many wrenches offer you some indication of when you hit the desired amount of torque, but they will not keep you from cranking down on the fastener even more.

Q. What happens if a bolt is over-torqued?

A. This depends upon how much it’s over-torqued. Slightly above the manufacturer’s specification rarely does major harm, but it is easy to break the bolt right off with just a bit of extra force.

Q. What automotive parts can or need to be torqued?

A. Anything that screws into something else frequently has a precise amount of torque it needs. Common nuts and bolts, wheel lugs, spark plugs and more all benefit or require an accurate torque wrench.

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