Best Torque Wrenches: Keep Everything Tight and Secure


Torque Wrenches Electronic

Also known as digital torque wrenches, electronic wrenches use a digital readout in place of a click-type mechanism to notify you when the desired amount of torque is reached. In lots of ways, this type combines the best of click-type and beam style torque wrenches: You get a live digital readout and an automatic notification in one. With the advanced capabilities, however , an increased price tag often comes as well.

Top Brands of Torque Wrenches Tekton

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Tekton produces a wide range of hand tools that are popular on construction web sites and in garages alike. The business focuses on producing higher-quality products than most budget-friendly options offer. Because of this, options like its Tekton 24320 wrench have been known to last a lot longer than competitors.

Gorilla Automotive

For 40 years, Gorilla Automotive Products has produced a big range of automotive accessories and tools to make vehicle maintenance as easy as possible. Dependability is a big value for the business. In most cases, a customer ought to purchase only a single set of tools that will last for years. Check out the company’s TW705 Wrench for a look at the level of quality they produce.

Torque Wrench Pricing

$50 and under: This is the cost range of more limited torque wrenches in terms of performance and durability. Options here are good for basic fastening tasks, but many will be limited for automotive parts that require a high amount of torque. Most wrenches here are on par with basic hardware store varieties. 

$50-$100: Sandwiched between true budget options and professional-grade options, torque wrenches in the midrange tend to offer higher-quality designs and builds. Used, however , these wrenches are still fairly limited and basic. A torque range of up to 250 foot-pounds is common here. 

$100 and above: Above $100, options can quickly rise in price. This range is home to a lot of professional-grade options that include Snap-On attachments, digital readouts, higher torque ranges, and a rise in build quality. 

Torque Range

All torque wrenches have certain limitations when it comes to the amount of force they can deliver. This is known as the torque range, commonly measured in foot-pounds. On average, the range corresponds to the drive size of the wrench. For example , smaller sizes such as a 1/4- or 3/8-inch drive have a tendency to max out at 21 and 75 foot-pounds respectively. The common 1/2-inch drive has a range of 30 to 250 foot-pounds, which is suitable for most work done on a vehicle.

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