Exactly why Buy a Torque Wrench

Exactly why Buy a Torque Wrench

Obtain accurate measurements. Since many automotive components require a proper level of torque to become safe and secure, a torque wrench provides a precise way to get the right rpm specs the first time. This makes it easy going to the manufacturer recommended levels each and every time. This really is especially important for different parts such as lug nuts.

Protect components. The main reason torque wrenches are incredibly important is a matter of security. Too much or too little torque upon parts is dangerous. In addition to the risk of parts coming loose, an excessive amount of torque can also damage parts. 

Types of Torque WrenchesClick-Type

One of the most common types of torque hammers, click-type wrenches make it easy to strike the right amount of torque without any guesswork. These types of wrenches have a torque setting within the ratchet head where you can control the required amount of force you want to apply. While you rotate the wrench (usually within the clockwise direction), you will eventually listen to and feel an audible click on that indicates you’ve reached the required level. There is also typically a heavy duty quick release to loosen the particular wrench as well. 

Light beam

Simple and affordable, beam rpm wrenches lack any kind of indicator or even sensor to notify you once the desired torque amount has been arrived at. Instead, the wrench has a simple visual indicator and a metal light beam that flexes. As you rotate the wrench, the beam bends, moving the indicator. Since every thing is done by eye, getting the most precise measurement can be more difficult in comparison to click-type and electronic wrenches.


Founded in 1968, CDI is one of the few companies focused primarily on torque products. Making both mechanical and electronic tools, the company’s products were created for use in a variety of settings, including professional automotive garages and scientific labs. The CDI Torque 2503MFRPH is one of the few affordable wrenches which have a high level of reliability and precision.

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