Norbar’s transformation from a tiny company to an international group


LEIGH Packer has highlighted the advantages of basing a business on outstanding high quality products by marketing the planet’s best brand of torque wrenches to construct Norbar Australasia from a tiny corporation into an international firm with a forecasted turnover of $15 million this season.

Initially known as the North Bar Device Co, Norbar was the first corporation in Britain to commercially produce a torque wrench in 1942 for the Rolls Royce Merlin motors that powered World War II fighter aeroplanes including the Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster.

Through the partnership, Norbar Australasia adds value to the selection of specially calibrated torque wrenches along with other equipment to accurately tighten nut products and threaded fasteners for torque wrenches clients.

The Norbar design benefits all parties because the Packer family focuses on building the Aussie business, while the Brodey family targets manufacturing, the British operation plus building the business in other markets.

“It’s been a great collaboration and a fantastic model and we have been fortunate to have really good partners within the Brodey family, ” Mr Packer said.

From its Edwardstown office, Norbar Australasia runs the warehouse, engineering works, sales workplace and laboratory, and is the head office for an operation that includes five department offices around Australia and sections in Singapore and New Zealand.

“Norbar is already the planet’s leading torque wrenches specialist so the job will be to help ensure all of us stay number one by continuing in order to expand the business in Australia and local offices in Singapore and Brand new Zealand, ” he said.

“I certainly have huge shoes to fill as my dad has been the driving force at the rear of the organisation… but I’m looking towards the challenge.

“I feel confident I can help our fabulous teams capitalise on new possibilities. “s and achieve even more powerful growth in coming years.

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