Other Considerations about Best Torque Wrenches

Other Considerations about Best Torque Wrenches

Accuracy: To be able to get the best results, a torque wrench needs to be as accurate as possible. Accuracy partly depends on the calibration and precision of the instrument itself. For example , the beam needs to be aligned correctly on a beam torque wrench. Accuracy also depends on the readout of the wrench. Better results are common with electronic and click-type wrenches due to the digital readout and/or sound notification.

Comfort: Since all torque wrenches require force from the user to work, comfort and usability are two important considerations in terms of overall ergonomics. The size, length, and grip of the shaft, for example , influence the overall comfort of the wrench. More leverage makes it easier to apply higher levels of torque without extra effort. A grip makes it easier to maintain a secure hold on the wrench, even though your hands are slippery from engine oil or automotive grease. 

Ratchet Design: A ratcheting head is a simple solution to maintain a precise level of torque as you increase the overall amount. Beam torque wrenches, for example , force one to apply the torque all at once within a rotation. Wrenches with a ratchet, however , hold the current level of torque as you rotate the handle to apply more force. A ratchet tends to be common with electronic and click-type torque wrenches. Other good design traits include steel construction, a reversible ratchet function, quick release buttons, and a good chrome finish. 

Best Torque Wrench Reviews & Recommendations 2019

CDI’s 1/2-inch torque wrench makes it easy to get precise and accurate measurements when locking down fasteners. The dual direction, dual scale readout is easy to locate and read while using the wrench at odd angles and positions. With a torque range of 30-250 foot-pounds and an easy-removal socket, a wrench can be a versatile tool that’s within many automotive applications.

The build quality of the wrench is where it shines probably the most. With all metal construction, the wrench feels solid within the grip, especially while torquing something down to a high degree. The finish can be slick, doing well to resist impacts and scratches if you happen to accidentally drop the wrench onto the garage floor. Measurements tend to be accurate. 

Storage is a little bit of an issue with the wrench. The case is tough enough to safeguard it from casual drops, however the wrench won’t fit unless it’s turned down to the lowest setting. The locking ring is also in an awkward spot that’s easy to miss with all the wrench and can unlock unexpectedly because of weaker-than-average locking spring. 

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Best Value Torque Wrench: Tekton 24340

It could be difficult to find a high-quality, budget-friendly torque wrench for automotive use. Tekton has a good option for anyone starting to expand or upgrade their automotive tool set without spending too much about the same tool. While not the best in terms of torquing capability, this torque wrench supplies a lot in terms of reliability and durability for garage use.

The wrench has a surprisingly sturdy feel in the hands without seeming unmanageable in terms of overall weight. The feel is enhanced with the rough grip that still feels comfortable in the hands. With both foot-pound and newton-meter markings, the wrench has enough capability to handle most automotive applications without feeling like it will break or buckle.

As a ratchet torque wrench, there’s a small learning curve compared to other torque wrenches. Proper use without the cheats (i. e. a pipe to extend the leverage) is required to obtain the best results. The ratchet lock can also feel a bit flimsy above 50 foot-pounds as well.

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