SMART electric torque wrench engineered with a mission in mind


In recent years, the need for fast, accurate plus traceable fastening solutions has led to the advent of increasingly sophisticated managed bolting tools.

torque wrench nz types of solutions, however , are often complicated to make use of, making it difficult for the average consumer to understand them, and requiring a substantial investment in training.

Enerpac’s mission is to take CLEVER bolting, and make it simple. This particular SMART, yet simple new device is custom-engineered to provide fast, precise and safe fastening for applications that need speed, precision and traceability.

The is operated with a 7″ touch-screen, similar to those used in several popular mobile devices. The touchscreen will be housed in an impact and fire resistant control box, which assists simplify and automate complex careers, including those with torque and position specifications through the creation of presets.

Using the touchscreen, the particular operator simply inputs the number of nails and the desired torque value for every fastening step, followed by the required position of turn. This sequence will then be saved as an automatic pre-specified for future use.

For simpler jobs,torque wrench nzideals may be input with a digital slider on the touchscreen, or directly into the trunk control panel on the wrench. Once the insight torque is achieved, the device stops, and a pass/fail indicator certifies that it is ready to move on to the next securer. When the job is completed, the buckling record can be viewed on the touchscreen, or even exported to a computer via an UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS connection on the control box. Crucial features of the ETW-Series Electric Rpm Wrench include:


torque wrench nzplus angle function allows input associated with nominal torque value followed by a particular angle of rotation

Pass/Fail indicator on back associated with tool verifies that the fastening continues to be completed accurately



Fastening records may be viewed on-screen and transferred through an USB slot on the control box

The ETW-Series tool is available using a full range of accessories, which furthermore fit the Enerpac PTW-Series Pneumatic Torque Multipliers. Both the ETW plus PTW complement Enerpac’s global varies of hydraulic torque wrenches plus bolting tools available from a solitary source, which is highly valuable in order to companies seeking time-saving choice, persistence of quality and traceability associated with outcomes.

The Electric powered Torque Wrench – in optimum torque capacities from 1625-8135Nm (1200-6000 ft-lbs) – is a further main step in Enerpac’s global priority associated with improving bolting efficiency and efficiency for industries requiring high replication and high precision such as exploration and energy, infrastructure, oil and gas, strength generation, petrochemical and processing plant life.

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