How to Change Your Automatic Transmission Fluid and Filter in Easy Steps!


Some darkening is normal, but if it is reddish brown or mustard color and smells like burnt varnish, its time to change Torque wrench pump. Worn out transmission fluid no longer protects, lubricates and cools the transmission and can lead to poor or rough shifting and expensive repairs. Here’s how to change it yourself

Before getting started make sure you have enough transmission fluid of the correct specification for your vehicle and the correct filter and gasket to replace the one you are removing from the pan. Drain the fluid by loosening the bolts on the transmissions pan. The Torque wrench pan reservoir will hold anywhere from three or four quarts to as much as 10 or more depending on the vehicle so have a large pan to catch the fluid. Then loosen each pan bolt a turn or two and loosen one corner more than the rest so the pan hangs down on one side more the other.

Remove the old Torque wrench pump. Most transmission filters are held in place with a bolt or two, but some are held by a clip. Be careful to include O-Rings or other seals that your particular transmission might have.

Position the new gasket on pan. Some gaskets have four holes slightly smaller than the rest to allow four bolts through the pan and through these smaller holes to locate and hold the gasket in place.

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