Oil Filter Swap Advantages in Bike Performance

 Oil Filter Swap Advantages in Bike Performance

There are numerous brands of filters out there designed to handle synthetics, although, like the high quality units from Drag Specialties and, particularly, the K&N Wrench-Off designs. These Torque wrench pump have been particularly engineered to be compatible with those highly concentrated unique synthetic lubricants; the filtration media inside will not break up, and they make room for the larger flow levels concerning synthetics. They’re just significantly better filters over-all. The K&N units even pack in 25 percent much more filtering area. All good things are worth the additional cost.

Another really good alternative is to grab one of those reusable metal-mesh lube filters have become ever more popular for a number of bikers. Not only would this be the final lube filter you’ll actually buy over these reusable oil filters circulate even better compared to high quality disposable and the filtering element inside these things is constructed from medical-grade 304 stainless-steel micron filtration material. One square-inch of it will flow almost 2 gallons of lube for each minute at just 1 PSI pump pressure.

Some also incorporate rare-earth magnets in the base to further trap metal salt particles and debris even before it reaches that extra-fine filtering mesh. On top of that the aluminum canisters these filter systems use, they have lots of cooling fins that help decrease oil temps a whole lot more. The filtration system can become, in effect, a mixture of oil filter/oil cooler. There is a complex bypass system designed for steady operation and correct differential pressures and a twist-lock structure guarantees good component positioning inside the container while enabling easy disassembly, check up, and clean-up.

And here’s the kicker, aside from doing an exceptional job of cooling and cleaning the oil, independent testers carrying out evaluations of these multiple-use oil filter systems as well as a normal non reusable resulted in approximately an 8-horsepower increase along with 10 more lb-ft of torque. These reusable lube filters have already been licensed by the FAA too. If they’re good enough on an aircraft, in which you cannot exactly halt to the side of the road if a specific thing goes completely wrong, they may be more than prepared for an H-D.

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