An Overview of Hydraulic Motors, Equipment, and Repair

What Are Hydraulics?

This system uses fluid to cause something to charge, swing, swivel, turn, or otherwise move in some manner. In order to do this, the liquid travels through hydraulic motors, cylinders, pumps, valves, hoses, and tubes to condense the molecules and create the pressure that powers equipment. The pressure forces the cylinder on the other side to move, powering whatever it is connected to.

Hydraulic Pump

This portion of the power system is responsible for moving the fluid along the lines. It collects its power from an engine of some type. Then, it uses various couplers to transfer that power to the rest of the system. While this doesn’t sound that strong, this part has ten times the power of its electric equivalent. That’s what makes hydraulic pump repair so important; without it, the entire system will be at a standstill.

Hydraulic pump repair and systems can involve four main styles. An axial piston type has the ability to vary the amount of automatic pressure control. A radial piston type is best for small applications that require extreme pressure. Two simpler forms of hydraulic pump repair and parts exist as well. This includes a vane style that needs the fluid to flow faster, but doesn’t necessarily require a high pressure. The gear style has low pressure, low output, and generally lower efficiency.

Hydraulic Motors, Equipment, and Repair Valves

Another important segment of hydraulic motors and systems includes control valves. Because of the wear and the precision required, it is also one of the most expensive and frequent hydraulic pump repair experts have to make. Many different styles and types exist. To transfer the fluid to the correct actuator, directional styles are used. Sequence valves ensure the fluid runs in the proper order, similar to shuttle valves, which are for function. To keep the amount of pressure under control for safety and efficiency, pressure reducing and pressure relief valves are found in this equipment. Also included for safety reasons, various types of check valves can be found on hydraulic motors and systems.

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