Common But(t) wrenches Mostly Preventable – Diaper Rash

Some babies are more prone to diaper rash than others. A flat red rash is probably cause by friction of the diaper on the baby’s delicate skin. This type of rash is usually closer to the edges of the waist or leg bands of the diaper. This type of rash does not typically cause much discomfort.

Seborrheic dermatitis is sort of like cradle cap in the diaper area. It is similarly scaly and greasy and may be more pronounced in the folds of the skin. Yeast is the most common infectious cause of diaper rash. The affected areas are bumpy and very red with distinct borders and lesions in more severe cases. This type of dermatitis can occur after an illness is treated with antibiotics, which kill the good bacteria that normally keeps the body’s naturally occurring yeast in check.

A baby with a skin rash that is blistered or bleeding, should be seen by a doctor. Antibiotics can be prescribed for painful itching if it is caused by bacteria. This can be administered topically or systemically, depending on the size of the area affected and the severity of the infection.

Anti-fungal creams such as Lotrimin, can be used to treat yeast-caused rashes. When a stronger approach is required, mild steroid creams like hydrocortisone 0.5-1% can be used, such as in the case of seborrheic dermatitis. Prescriptions are commonly used for the short-term treatment of stubborn cases.

There are alternative treatments for diaper rash. To begin with, proper hygiene is the first line of defense in preventing simple cases of diaper rash. Wet or dirty diapers must be changed ASAP. A good idea is to let babies have some time without their diaper each day, just to air things out. Babies that are prone to more serious diaper rash outbreaks actually do better with reusable cloth diapers rather than the common, plastic disposable diapers.

Another thing to be cautious about, especially in cases of severe diaper rash, are baby wipes. Some wipes contain alcohol or other additives that can irritate. A quick bath with a small amount of mild soap is the best way to clean a baby with a bad rash.

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