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They were innovative and came up with new types of equipment, some of which went on to really change the way things were being done. During the 1980s, Enerpac developed the actuation system for convertible roofs on cars. Using a hydraulic system to raise and fold down the roof was quite a revelation, it all had to be done manually before that and could take considerable time to achieve. These hydraulic systems were cutting edge and updated versions are still in use today by major vehicle manufacturers which use hard roofs such as VW, Ford, Audi and Peugeot.
Actuant was founded in 1910 but was then known as American Grinder and Manufacturing and was an engineering firm which produced pumps for the engines of Ford’s Model T motor car. The company changes its name from American Grinder and Manufacturing to Blackhawk Manufacturing and continued engineering but began to focus on hydraulics.Hydraulic wrenches Equipment. In 1970 Power-Packer is founded, it is a subsidiary based in the Netherlands. This company develops and manufactures motion control systems for a variety of industries including the motor industry, medical, marine and agriculture. It also makes the actuation systems developed by Enerpac and these are used by automotive manufacturers all around the globe. During the 80s and 90s, Applied Power continues to acquire businesses and develop as a multi-national company. In the year 2000, Applied Power changed its name to Actuant Corporation and acquired Enerpac.
Enerpac manufactures high quality tools and components for a large number of industries. Products include hydraulic pumps, hydraulic jacks, hydraulic clamping and hydraulic torque wrenches. Some of the industries served include infrastructure, buildings, manufacturing, the oil and gas industry and shipbuilding. Enerpac do not believe in a one size fits all, they can tailor all your requirements to customize the perfect solution for your business.
Hydraulic wrenches range from the most common household types to specialty types.Check out the website that specializes in wrenches at https://www.atwwren.com for details.
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