Let the hydraulic wrench improve your efficiency

If an ordinary socket wrench doesn’t meet your needs, you can step up to a hydraulic torque wrench.

First I will start with the basics. A hydraulic torque is designed to exert torque on some sort of fastener. The goal can be to quickly and securely fasten or loosen various nuts. They apply an amount of torque to a lubricated fastener beyond what a human could muster, usually in conjunction with an impact socket. They were first introduced in the 1960’s, but have evolved considerably since that time due to manufacturers constantly updating and advancing their designs. This has lead to the modern hydraulic torque wrench, one which is light due to exotic alloys, having a smaller nose radius to increase the number of spaces it will fit into, possessing multi-position reaction members, and you can even now run multiple tools off of one power pack simultaneously. Today’s modern torque wrenches are optimized for efficiency and flexibility in their uses.

The IBT series square drive hydraulic torque wrench has a maximum working pressure of 70Mpa and the accuracy is kept within ±3%. There are 10 models ranging from 112N.m to 72000N.m, covering the most comprehensive applications on the market. 360 * 180 degree rotation is free to operate, no space restrictions. The square drive features a high-strength socket for a wide range of bolts. The 360 degree adjustable reaction arm can be placed at any support point. The use of advanced alum titanium alloy raw materials is compact and high in strength. The new locking connector ensures that the oil remains free.

Hydraulic wrenches range from the most common household types to specialty types.Check out the website that specializes in wrenches at https://www.atwwren.com for details.

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