When You Need Manual Torque Wrenches

When You Need Manual Torque Wrenches

If there has ever been a fun element to a wrench, it surely is represented by the Socket Wrench. What you may know from your childhood as a ratchet, could very well derive its nick name from the sound it is creating when used to tighten or loosen bolts. You can turn it 360 degrees, and it creates the noise usually associated with mechanics, tire changing places, or other production environments.

The design of this manual hydraulic wrench is as follows:double window scale,plastic grip,high precision,hard construction,resulting in fast and efficient operation.Head holders:9x12mm,14x18mm,,24x32mm or 27x36mm,accommodate variety of standard heads.+/-4% accuracy in clockwise direction exceeds international specifications.Ergonomic soft TPR grips are comfortable to use.Lock Knob secures selected torque from accidental change.Dual Metric and English scales are easy to read and set,fine increment operation.

Hydraulic system is a difficult problem, because any industry can use hydraulic or hydraulic system. Enterprises and employees may not be aware of which applications use these components. However, unless you use these components every day, it’s easy to ignore them and their uses.

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